Natural skin and hair care tips for Holi

HOLI is a festival when you let your hair down, eat, drink and groove on desi beats. There is no doubt about Holi being the most fun part of the year. The only pesky part is to get rid of the stubborn colors. So, the question is how can we play Holi without any skin and hair tension. Here are few natural skin and hair care tips for Holi.

Pre – Holi Preparation

Skin and Hair :

Applying a generous layer of oil to your hair and scalp, face, neck, shoulders, arms, legs and any exposed area of your body, especially the insides of your ears and navel, and the area between fingers and toes. Make sure you moisturize your lips as well. It also becomes easier to get rid of the colors. It will also protect your skin and hair from dryness, frizziness, roughness and irritation. You can choose from Coconut/ Sesame/ Mustard/ Olive depending on what suits you more. Girls must tie their hair after applying oil to protect them from getting damaged in case someone pulls them while playing Holi. Guys, don’t shave for 2-3 days before Holi. This would protect your pores from color granules and chemicals

Petroleum Jelly:
People who want to avoid breathing in dry color, this trick is your savior. Put some Petroleum jelly inside your nostrils. This will trap a lot of the color and dust particles and stop them from entering your windpipe.

Eyes :
Please avoid wearing contact lenses as it might create some allergy to your eyes. Stick to glasses while playing Holi. In case color gets in your eyes, do not rub. Wash it immediately with cold water.

Nails :
Nails are porous in nature hence they tend to absorb color. No wonder they remain stained long after Holi is over. Girls, apply a dark colored nail polish. Most of the color on your nails will come off when you remove the polish. Boys can apply transparent nail polish.

Post Holi Skin Care

Wash your body with cold water to take off the excessive color. Use a moisturizing soap and lukewarm water to bathe. Since you had applied oil, it will be easy to get rid of the color. However, in case you cannot get permanent Holi color out of your skin, you can try these homemade cleaning packs.

Besan pack:
Take 4 teaspoons of gram flour (Besan), a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder (Haldi), 2 teaspoons of fresh curd and a few drops of lime juice. Make a paste of these ingredients and apply it on the stained areas. Let it dry and scrub it off gently. Repeat the same if required.

Fruit Scrub for Face:
First, try to wash colors off the face with water and soap and then rub the face with a Banana peel(the white part), powder Nutmeg(Jaiphal) and add cream(malai) and use it as an exfoliating scrub. Orange also works really well and both the peel and the pulp both work wonders for moisturization and even help in making the skin glow.

H2O2 Hand & Feet Soak:
For the stubborn marks on your hands and feet resulting from Pakka rang which just refuse to go away with soap and water, use 1 tsp of H202(Hydrogen Peroxide) + 1 tsp of rosewater in 2 mugs of water, soak your hands & feet and just relax for a while.

Rinse your hair with water before washing them with shampoo. Let the shampoo stay on for at least 10 minutes before you wash it off.
In case your hair becomes dry, dull and/or frizzy, apply egg yolk. Keep it on for 10-15 minutes and wash it with water. Instead of egg yolk, you can also use curd.

Use a nail polish remover to remove the dark colored nail polish that you had applied before playing Holi.
If you still feel your skin is itchy or irritated, Try these soothing packs to calm your skin.
• Calamine Pack – Take some calamine lotion and add some honey and rosewater to it. Apply this to your skin and let it stay for 10-15 minutes. Wash with cold water. This will help prevent skin irritation, rashes, and itching.
• Sapodilla(Chiku) Relief – Just peel the skin and mash the pulp, apply it on the face for a few minutes. This will surely help in moisturizing your face and body.
• Apple & Cucumber – A generous application of a combination of Apple Juice and Cucumber Juice can be applied to soothe irritated skin.

I hope these tips and tricks help protect your hair, skin, and nails this Holi. Have a happy and safe festival. Also, if you want to detan your face or want to get the glow back Visit “Sunday – the Spa” which is an organic Spa and it has extensive range of facials and body scrubs for every skin type.

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Awesome Benefits of Alluring Almonds

Remember the good old days, when your mother would stuff your mouth with almonds a minute before you would hop in the school bus. The crunchy almond is revered for its memory boosting capacity. A glass of milk infused with almond paste was an absolute must before exams. The abundant vitamin B and minerals content in the nut facilitates finest intercommunication between brain cells. As a result the brain becomes active boosting the memory supposedly to infinity. The alluring almonds can control your quirkiness too. You will be amazed to know it’s a good cure for hangover. Almonds can push you out of the tipsy state by slowing down the absorption of alcohol in the blood stream. A rich source of proteins and fibres, which adds bulk to the food, making you feel satiated by curbing appetite. Consume soaked almonds for maximum benefits.

Try to kick out nasty chemicals from your skin care ritual. Jazz up your beauty quotient by going natural. Add natural herbs like gooseberries, aloe vera, turmeric etc in your cleansing and nourishment ritual. Explore and scavenge the pantry area in your kitchen and you will find magical potions of wellness for sure.

• Almonds are loaded with cleansing and moisturizing properties.
• Soak almonds overnight in plain water. Savour four and grind the remaining into fine paste.
• The paste can be used topically on face and neck area. If you follow this technique regularly, you can bedazzle everyone around with the incandescent glow.
• Being a natural moisturizer it replenishes the lost nutrients in the skin.
• The cleansing properties aids in reducing acne for blemish free skin.

The cosmetic segment is full of fairness products. As suggested, go natural with fairness treatment.

• For additional benefits, soak few almonds in lukewarm milk.
• You may infuse few strands of finest quality saffron. Again leave it overnight and pour it in a grinder into a thick paste.
• Apply this paste generously over face and neck. Leave it till its gets dried and later rinse off with plain water at room temperature.
• This technique is quite common in Kashmir valley and Himachal area, considering the finest quality saffron is found in abundance and almonds are sold at the rate of peanuts.

Nonetheless, the radiant and supple skin of the people in valley is the reason for envy.

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Chupa Rustom’s of Bangalore

My stay in Bangalore has been pleasantly extended. It seems the IT city is loving my fresh non-IT views about it. In a short span of time, I can easily gauge that every nook and corner has a gem camouflaged. An explorer can always expect more!

1) Lahe Lahe

Take a break from your busy schedule, shed inhibitions and express. Lahe Lahe literally translates into slowly slowly in Assamese. A unique space that captures the basics of Real and fantasies of Virtual. So break free and bring out the artist within you through poetry, dance, music or any other form discovered or even rediscovered by you. Located in plush Indiranagar, an area colonized by clubs and cafes, Lahe Lahe stands out in the crowd. Don’t waste time; slowly and steadily start participating in its workshops and events for perfect expression. Intermingle with the live audience, get non-judgmental views and finally enrich yourself.

2) Royce chocolate

Feasting on chocolates is sin but indulging in Royce is an honour. An ultimate luxury experience for your taste buds. The finest cocoa used pushes it into the league of the best. However the quirkiness of the signature products makes it distinct. I was hesitant to taste the bite sized sample for free. Surprisingly the saltiness of potato wafer juxtaposed with creamy chocolate coating made me crave for more. There are many such quirky combinations in the list. So hop in the store, relish the bite sized sample of all the chocolates and get your box of whacky chocolate delight.

3) Sunday- the Spa

An oasis of wellness where you can soak breathe and unwind. As you enter the spa your body needs to get attuned with the deep feeling of warmth and stability. So a little stretching by the trained therapist acts as a perfect warm up. Keep breathing, stay loose and take a plunge in the state of peace and tranquility with the signature massages and services. The healing touch of massage is blended with the sanctity of Ayurveda. Enhance your beauty and well-being with Kama Ayurveda products which incorporates the true principles of Ayurveda with the finest quality ingredients. Feel connected with nature with AVA products, a unique blend of tradition and innovation. Enjoy nature’s bounty as you get pampered with freshly plucked herbs from the in house garden.

4) Escape Room

Do you have flair for challenges and puzzles? Are you tired of mundane hangouts and looking for a thrilling gateway? Then you can escape to Escape room. The games are nerve wracking. Feel the thrill of cracking a code, running around the antagonist and finally coming out as a true hero. At every step of the game surprises galore. There are special packages for students, family, and group of friends. The corporate can also boost the employee engagement activities as Escape room also provides mind boggling scenarios for employees boosting the team building activities.

5) Cinnamon

Housed in the magnificent colonial bungalow, Cinnamon offers classy lifestyle products. The traditional forms are blended with contemporary trends, crafting a new genre of aesthetics. So every piece is carefully handpicked. Currently, collections from Almirah, Rasa, Sacred Lotus, Jason Cherian are on display. The products get off the shelf within no time, so grab your favorite piece before it is too late. The artistic pursuit goes beyond the merchandize on display. The well curated bungalow effortlessly captures the charm of bygones. A new destination added to your itinerary if you are travelling to Ulsoor area.

6) Nivesaa- Aerial Yoga

A holistic dance, yoga and wellness centre. I was bedazzled by Aeryo i.e. Aerial Yoga or yoga in air literally. Imagine traditional yoga asanas being performed on silk fabric suspended from the ceiling. Does this sound difficult or dangerous? Calm down, it’s absolutely safe and suitable for all age groups. The silk hammock gives a firm support to the lower back. With greater manoeuvrability many postures seeming difficult on ground can be performed at ease in mid air. Not suitable for people with blood pressure or spinal injury. Do furnish details of your medical conditions before final enrolment.

7) Yogi-sthaan

Neat bed, healthy breakfast and authentic yoga in the heart of the city. Yogisthaan was conceptualized to share system of healthy living and wellbeing. The guests can meditate, go deeper for a peaceful retreat. Hit the Yogisthaan café if you are looking for healthy food options. I love the desi continental breakfast. You can start off with grain bread toasted with cow ghee and jaggery. Oats porridge may sound cliché but think about oats infused with amaranth, jaggery, raisin, and cardamom cooked with fresh milk and lotus seeds. How about a fresh tulsi chai or a detox version sans milk. Truly a new hangout point with health and wellness.

Tricolour of Wellness

Do you get goosebumps when watching a Republic Day parade? Undoubtedly, a moment of pride and honor for every citizen as the gallantry and sovereignty of the democratic Republic is demonstrated. For the upcoming 68th Republic Day, around 3500 officials from 30 departments are working round the clock. The honor and glory of the Tricolour will always fly high.

Acknowledging this spirit, we present The Tricolour of Wellness, this Republic Day.

SAFFRON- Karewa Kesar

*The finest quality of Kesar comes from Karewa Plateau of Kashmir.

*Come autumn and the entire area turns into the valley of Saffron Flowers.

*The radiant and supple skin of the people in the valley is often a reason for envy.

*For glowing skin, especially during winters, apply homemade Kesar and honey pack.

*Just take a spoonful of pure honey and add a strand of kesar. Mix well and apply the mixture on the face and necks area. You will get the natural glow back for sure.

*Alternatively you can soak strands of Kesar in milk at room temperature. Leave it overnight and next day blend it gently with your fingers. A very effective de- tan formula.

*Replace milk with rose water and you get a natural toner.

WHITE- Yogurt

*A cup of yogurt is a wholesome breakfast. Keep few spoons of curd aside for a crystal clear skin.

*Yogurt can offer numerous skin and health benefits due to high content of live culture present in it.

*A perfect cleanser when combined with lemon juice. For softer and fairer skin a combination of curd and oatmeal powder is perfect.

*Indulge in cocoa and yogurt mixture, a unique homemade facial and natural moisturizer.

*If you have developed dark patchy spot in the course of time then apply yogurt and potato juice mixture in the affected area.

*Follow it regularly and you will see the visible results within two weeks. Its anti inflammatory property keeps pimples at bay too.


*Green Gram is a rich source of healthy protein. Hence extremely helpful in maintaining the youthful glow.

*It has strong cleansing properties yet gentle and soothing to skin.

*Dry the green grams in sun for a day and then grind it into fine powder.

*Take a spoonful of this powder and add a pinch of turmeric powder. Add water for fine consistency.

*You get rid of dullness and get the blemish free and radiant skin.

*Apply it twice a week and get rid of ache, blackheads and pimples permanently.