The magnanimous Bangalore is just not an IT city. It’s an experience and opportunity where many dreams have turned into reality. A unique city where tech parks have mushroomed yet one can stroll around the scenic gardens and breathe in fresh air. Perhaps the only city having a perfect blend of historical roots and cosmopolitan outlook. A lot can be done in Bangalore over the weekend.

As we were exploring the seven Sunday destinations, serendipitously we discovered the eighth one!

1) Alliance Francaise

The cosmopolitan outlook of Bengaluru has enticed many. The IT city has embraced diversity and welcomed people from pan -India. A melting pot of cultures can boast of promoting cultural relations between France and India through Alliance Francaise. A hot shot destination if you have a penchant for the French language. The curriculum is well designed and integrated with latest teaching tools. Attend a Ciné Forum Méliès for discussions and dialogues with French & Francophone documentaries. Just stroll around the campus and enjoy the French riviera in Bangalore.


A timeline depicting the evolution of Modern Indian Art through 500 exhibits. National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) in is just not a regular art gallery. Housed in the heritage Manikyavelu Mansion on a sprawling 3.5 acres of land, nestled in lush greenery, the ambiance is serene and captivating. You don’t go here just to gawk at art as there are regular gallery walks, film screenings, dance programs, talks, and workshops going on regularly. Discuss your experience over a cup of coffee in the café and cherish your outing with a souvenir from the Museum shop. Both the café and museum shop are housed inside the NGMA premises.

3) Rain tree

Shop, munch and explore history in the contemporary set up. This glorious colonial bungalow now hosts a lifestyle boutique and a quaint garden-view cafe. It’s a heritage space which curates the Indian brands without any commercial hype. Raintree gets high footfalls from renowned designers round the year. Give a delicious finale to your raintree experience at the in house café. Enjoy simplicity of the bygone era with a coffee and sandwich. Ample scope for a date with your favorite book as laptops are strict no no here.

4) Airlines for breakfast

A super cool ambience where you can savour your favorite delicacies under the shade of the banyan tree. Highly recommended for the South Indian -Idli, rava idli, masala dosa and so on. Recline in Spartan furniture and enjoy the wonderful Bangalore climate with lip smacking snacks. One of the favorite destinations for food lovers known for amazing food and ambience. No frills so enjoy at pocket friendly rates.

5) Rasta

Trip to Mysore and hooka on the Rasta is indispensable. To get a seat soon reach the Rasta restaurant by 10 am. However waiting in the picturesque lawn when in queue is fun too. Enjoy the hukka in the open air as smoking strictly prohibited inside the restaurant. The delicious lamb chops, chicken fries, wedges dipped in cheese are as delicious as your imagination. Alcohol is not served promoting no drinking when driving philosophy especially around highway. But you can give a sweet shock to your palate with raspberry mojitos and kiwi apple shake.

6) Underground Metro

The maiden underground corridor of Namma Metro was inaugurated amid much fanfare and excitement recently. The commuters have been mesmerized by its elite services. Rest assured you will not get the clogged and claustrophobic feeling of a tunnel rather you will wait eagerly for your next metro ride. The five underground stations lined up promise to be grander. A must try on your next visit to Bangalore.

7) Atta Galatta

Head to Atta Galatta if you have an insatiable appetite for books and bread. It started as a humble bookstore. When book lovers come under one roof exciting conversation and discussion are bound to happen. Soon it became the temple of literature, workshops, book launches, group readings. People started spending hours and hours here. Hence coffee and baked delicacies were induced to keep the stamina going. The demand for freshly baked flavorful bread shot up and it in a way became the second venture after books. Surprisingly the title Atta Galatta perfectly complemented these two endeavors with Atta meaning dough in Hindi and Galatta referring to a racket (over books here).

When penning down my thoughts I pondered over Sunday. Everyone waits eagerly for a Sunday. After all, it’s a day to laze around for relaxation. Life is a Sunday morning so let’s create one of our own any day and anytime. Just soak, breathe, unwind and enjoy the moment called life.

Welcome to Sunday the spa – a newfound wellness destination in the chic Koramangala. Experience the calmness and serenity of a quaint Sunday, right in heart of the bustling city. Experience the signature services for pure indulgence. Enhance your natural beauty as the organic philosophy soaks you in pure bliss. Unmask in solitude and get connected with your real self.

Dedicate a day for yourself as you are special. Feel beautiful, stay healthy and create your own spirited Sunday (in Bangalore)!

Mirror Mirror on the wall, I am the most beautiful of all

Get into YOUR skin- Unless and until you truly know your skin, how can you select the skin product which is right for you? Many women, unfortunately, choose a beauty product mostly based on its celebrity endorsements, brand name, packaging or fragrance. By doing so, we tend to slowly damage our skin rather than nourish and keep it healthy. Thus, if you are not sure of what is best suited to your skin, do not hesitate to take expert advice.

Don’t exploit, EXFOLIATE- It is extremely important to remove the dead cells on the top layer of your skin. It is required because your skin requires regular Oxygen supply. Failure to do so leads to the dullness of skin and other skin problems. Thus, cleanse your skin daily and exfoliate, twice a week using scrubs which are suited to your skin type. Try also to avoid the ones which are high on chemical content.

Something frizzy about my MANE- Though we desire shiny cascading locks, we fail on the adequate hair care regime. We restrict ourselves to mere weekly oiling and shampoo. Instead, opt for gentle oil scalp massage for proper blood circulation and hair growth. Always select a mild herbal shampoo. If hair fall, dandruff or frizz persist consult a hair specialist as it could be a symptom of a larger health problem.

Flaws in your Claws- A gentleman’s shoes should always be clean and shiny. Similarly, a lady’s nails should always be healthy and clean. If a regular manicure is too much for you, then at least clean your nails with filer, massage it with olive oil for the perfect shine and nourish it with moisturizer after every hand wash.

It’s a neck to neck call- Do you know the age at which your neck starts losing its elasticity faster than any other body part? A sagging neck can make your beautiful face look ugly. So, give equal attention to your neck and follow the regular- cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing regime strictly. In addition, start trying out a few stretching exercises which will not only keep your double chin at bay but also maintain the elasticity of your neck.

Umbrella, Scarf, Shades and the Sun BLOCKed- Keep your skin protected from UV rays by applying a sun block with SPF 30 and above throughout the day. Whether you are at home or out in the sun, you cannot escape the damaging rays which result in wrinkles and can lead to skin cancer. Always use umbrella, scarf, shades to protect your hair and skin when headed under the sun.

Rainbow palette- The mother of all beauty regime. Your entire elixir of youth, health and beauty depend upon your diet. Artistically design your diet with a green salad, yellow dal, brown nuts, colorful seasonal fruits, and veggies. Though it may sound naïve but this is the simplest way to include all the nutrient rich food in your diet. You may never need a supplement if you stick to a healthy balanced diet.

Water water everywhere, every drop to drink- Stay hydrated and sip water at regular intervals. Ditch your aerated drinks and coffee. Rather switch to green tea but limit its intake to three to four cups a day only. For best results, have it without milk and sugar. Along with providing antioxidants, Green Tea keeps you hydrated and flushes out the toxins.

But when you smile for me, world seems all right- A smile the best beauty secret and the best facial exercise. It brightens your day and those of people around you. And it makes you look younger too! Very true that smile is a small curve that can straighten many things. So smile, please!

I will always be Grandma’s princess- Rediscover your roots and follow your grandma’s tips of a healthy lifestyle as it can never be outdated. Connect with nature and have a technology-free sound sleep. Start your day with Pranayama followed by brisk morning walk and experience the joy of life.

BEAUTIFUL SKIN – No more a wild GOOSE chase, just a BERRY away!

Indulge in the multi benefits of gooseberry, a tad fruit but undoubtedly the powerhouse of nutrients. Though it may taste sour and unpalatable but it’s a magical potion and true elixir of beauty and health. Consume it fresh and raw for the best results. Grab a bite and feel the rush of juice tickling your taste buds. You may get goose bumps with the second. Soak it overnight in salt water to cut down on sourness. For a tangy twist add a pinch of grounded red hot chili. Savor this new found tangy gooseberry and you will be bombarded with sharp flavors and sweet sensation. Stock the amla pickles, jam and chutney in your kitchen cabinet. Tempt your palate, savor the nutrition and feel the pang of nostalgia as you reminisce your childhood.

Though gooseberry is considered as one of the most powerful and potent herbs in Ayurveda largely due to its healing and medicinal properties. Today it needs a makeover to fit into the daily routine of busy lives. Try to go natural and organic. Kick start with the simple but immensely useful gooseberries.

• An amla a day keeps acne at bay

Do not prick a pimple; remove it permanently. Gooseberry is one of the most effective blood purifiers hence an apt solution for the perennial skin woes. If you have committed the sin of pricking and prodding the pimple then you will be crying over the ugly scar left behind. Apply a dab of fresh amla paste on the affected area regularly and get rid of the scar permanently.

• Amla shots for eternal youth

Include fresh amla- raw or juice in your regular diet. The little green spherical ball is loaded with anti- oxidants. In fact the nutrient content of one gooseberry is equal to that of eight oranges. So unlike Cleopatra do not sink into tub of donkey’s milk for youthful skin. Be smart enough switch over to the humble fruit and keep your skin taut and supple forever.

• Glow like Snow white

Apply fresh amla paste on your face. Leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. In case of sensitive skin dilute amla juice with water and then apply it on face with cotton. Add a pinch of turmeric and cleanse the skin with the homemade exfoliator.

• Do not mess with your precious trees

Are you looking for simple and pocket friendly solution to combat- hair fall, dandruff and split ends? Additionally are you craving for healthy and bouncy hair? Troubleshoot all with one gooseberry. It’s a holistic solution to the entire hair muddle. Apply the paste or juice on scalps wash it off gently with plain water. Again for long lasting result include it in your regular diet.

Slim and trim with gooseberry– Stay Healthy, no coughs and cold

If you are consuming amla on regular basis then rest assured, it will aid in shedding extra kilos especially around the abdomen area. The nutrient in amla accelerates the fat burning rate in the body. It improves the immunity of the body too thereby aiding in fighting common cold, coughs etc.