Awesome Benefits of Alluring Almonds

Remember the good old days, when your mother would stuff your mouth with almonds a minute before you would hop in the school bus. The crunchy almond is revered for its memory boosting capacity. A glass of milk infused with almond paste was an absolute must before exams. The abundant vitamin B and minerals content in the nut facilitates finest intercommunication between brain cells. As a result the brain becomes active boosting the memory supposedly to infinity. The alluring almonds can control your quirkiness too. You will be amazed to know it’s a good cure for hangover. Almonds can push you out of the tipsy state by slowing down the absorption of alcohol in the blood stream. A rich source of proteins and fibres, which adds bulk to the food, making you feel satiated by curbing appetite. Consume soaked almonds for maximum benefits.

Try to kick out nasty chemicals from your skin care ritual. Jazz up your beauty quotient by going natural. Add natural herbs like gooseberries, aloe vera, turmeric etc in your cleansing and nourishment ritual. Explore and scavenge the pantry area in your kitchen and you will find magical potions of wellness for sure.

• Almonds are loaded with cleansing and moisturizing properties.
• Soak almonds overnight in plain water. Savour four and grind the remaining into fine paste.
• The paste can be used topically on face and neck area. If you follow this technique regularly, you can bedazzle everyone around with the incandescent glow.
• Being a natural moisturizer it replenishes the lost nutrients in the skin.
• The cleansing properties aids in reducing acne for blemish free skin.

The cosmetic segment is full of fairness products. As suggested, go natural with fairness treatment.

• For additional benefits, soak few almonds in lukewarm milk.
• You may infuse few strands of finest quality saffron. Again leave it overnight and pour it in a grinder into a thick paste.
• Apply this paste generously over face and neck. Leave it till its gets dried and later rinse off with plain water at room temperature.
• This technique is quite common in Kashmir valley and Himachal area, considering the finest quality saffron is found in abundance and almonds are sold at the rate of peanuts.

Nonetheless, the radiant and supple skin of the people in valley is the reason for envy.

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