Gift a Sunday Just for her

We believe that every occasion is unique and any day can be made special. A heartfelt personalized gift will surely bedazzle her. How about gifting her a Sunday?

The newly launched Sunday The Spa at Koramangala would be a perfect retreat where she can soak, breathe and unwind. Everyone needs a day to clear the cobwebs of daily life. The world surrenders to the mind that is calm and composed. She is special and beautiful so it’s time to shower your love and care with a tinge of pampering.

At Sunday The Spa we have curated personalized experience so that one reconnects with the inner self. We focus on body, mind and soul for holistic development. Sunday menu is crafted with lots of love and care. Every service exudes a sense of energy, soothing harmony and restorative balances. Wide array of services are offered that can be customized to give her best Sunday experience.

Before you enter into the oasis of wellness, your body needs to get attuned with the deep feeling of warmth and stability. So a little stretching by our therapist will act as a perfect warm up. Keep breathing, stay loose and take a plunge in the state of peace and tranquility with our signature massages and services. The healing touch of massage is blended with the sanctity of Ayurveda. The ritual will culminate with gentle head and shoulder massage for renewed vitality.

Prior to the core therapy, our therapist will welcome you with a warm foot ritual. In Ayurveda, body is analogous with a tree. It’s important to nourish the roots of the body. At Sunday we are devoted to give you a holistic wellness experience with utmost love and care.

Then our therapist will escort you to the steam and shower area. We add fresh neem leaves to zest your bath ritual. The Ayurvedic neem is powerhouse of nutrients. The simplest herbal way to fight skin allergies, rashes, acne and pigmentation. You may consult our therapist, in case you are allergic to neem. We will try to substitute it with a favourable herb.

Activate the pressure points of feet in the most natural way. Showcase your nimble feet on the pebbles which lay like a carpet in the steam room. As you soak, post your feet on the pebbles will gentle pressure. Enjoy the serene sensation starting from foot and gently spreading in your body.

During the transition period we need to sanitize the room to keep up the high standards of hygiene. After that we set the room as per your needs. We try to give a personalized touch too according to your taste. Hence give us few minutes after each therapy. Meanwhile you can sip and savour the herbal tea for further relaxation.

Reap the benefits of the ancient wellness tradition with our alluring product line. Enhance your beauty and well-being with Kama Ayurveda products which incorporates the true principles of the deep rooted wisdom with the finest quality ingredients. Feel connected with nature with AVA products which is a unique blend of tradition and innovation. Enjoy nature’s bounty as you get pampered with freshly plucked herbs from our in house garden.

No need to drive down to the outskirts to get away from hustle bustle. Breathe in the wellness and enjoy the state of absolute bliss in the heart of the city any day and anytime. Give her an opportunity to enjoy the comforts of contemporary relaxation techniques while practicing authentic and traditional wellness programs. The Sunday menu is crafted with lots of love and care. Recline and relax with the champi, awaken the senses with foot massage or succumb to the sublime massages. Complete the indulgence with a cuppa of herbal tea. Sit back, close your eyes, breathe in deep and enjoy every moment with the new found energy.

Steal few moments from your busy schedule and come together for the vibrant Sunday.