Tricolour of Wellness

Do you get goosebumps when watching a Republic Day parade? Undoubtedly, a moment of pride and honor for every citizen as the gallantry and sovereignty of the democratic Republic is demonstrated. For the upcoming 68th Republic Day, around 3500 officials from 30 departments are working round the clock. The honor and glory of the Tricolour will always fly high.

Acknowledging this spirit, we present The Tricolour of Wellness, this Republic Day.

SAFFRON- Karewa Kesar

*The finest quality of Kesar comes from Karewa Plateau of Kashmir.

*Come autumn and the entire area turns into the valley of Saffron Flowers.

*The radiant and supple skin of the people in the valley is often a reason for envy.

*For glowing skin, especially during winters, apply homemade Kesar and honey pack.

*Just take a spoonful of pure honey and add a strand of kesar. Mix well and apply the mixture on the face and necks area. You will get the natural glow back for sure.

*Alternatively you can soak strands of Kesar in milk at room temperature. Leave it overnight and next day blend it gently with your fingers. A very effective de- tan formula.

*Replace milk with rose water and you get a natural toner.

WHITE- Yogurt

*A cup of yogurt is a wholesome breakfast. Keep few spoons of curd aside for a crystal clear skin.

*Yogurt can offer numerous skin and health benefits due to high content of live culture present in it.

*A perfect cleanser when combined with lemon juice. For softer and fairer skin a combination of curd and oatmeal powder is perfect.

*Indulge in cocoa and yogurt mixture, a unique homemade facial and natural moisturizer.

*If you have developed dark patchy spot in the course of time then apply yogurt and potato juice mixture in the affected area.

*Follow it regularly and you will see the visible results within two weeks. Its anti inflammatory property keeps pimples at bay too.


*Green Gram is a rich source of healthy protein. Hence extremely helpful in maintaining the youthful glow.

*It has strong cleansing properties yet gentle and soothing to skin.

*Dry the green grams in sun for a day and then grind it into fine powder.

*Take a spoonful of this powder and add a pinch of turmeric powder. Add water for fine consistency.

*You get rid of dullness and get the blemish free and radiant skin.

*Apply it twice a week and get rid of ache, blackheads and pimples permanently.