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Bringadi(Hair Treatment)

Price Rs.1100

An intensive hair treatment to prevent hair loss, dandruff and premature graying. The secret to Indians’ lush, glossy hair – this traditional Ayurvedic recipe consists of potent herbs extracted into pure Sesame oil and Milk. The earthy scent of the oil has a calming, meditative effect that soothes frayed nerves, uplifts mood and aids in a good night's rest.

Thala Podichil

Price Rs.3000

Intensive hair treatment with ayurvedic oil and freshly made hair pack with goodness of local herbs. Highly effective in enhancing the quality texture and strength of hair, reduces hair fall and other ill-effects of heat on the hair. A sensation of coolness is experienced on the scalp helping in relaxation of the mind, improving sleep, and reducing headaches.

Hair Colour

Price Rs.2500 / 3500 / 5000

Hair colour also acts as hair treatment, helping to repair dry and damaged ends, leaving your hair silky, soft and shiny.It's time that you try something new for your hair.

Onion Juice Treatment

Price Rs.100

The all natural way of tackling hairfall. Onions have anti-bacterial properties, helps in keeping the hair loss at bay.

Natural Conditioning

Price Rs.200

Eggs are known to be high on protein. So, when mixed with Curd, helps in promoting hair growth and purifies hair.