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Get personalized attention and pamper the focal points of your body through our customized services

Sukoon (Swedish)

Price Rs.2500

Calm your entire system and feel revived with the new found energy. This massage creates a warm sunny and radiant feeling, bringing in a sense of happiness and peace.Inspired by Swedish techniques it’s a great way to begin your affair with pampering yourself if you don’t get a massage often.

Mukammal (Balinese)

Price Rs.2800

Holistic approach that soothes the mind, revives the body and nourishes the soul. Extremely refreshing as one enjoys the gentle massage with sweet scent of oil and aromatic candles wafting in the air. Influenced by oriental wellness systems of India, Bali and Southeast Asia, it’s ideal for pain stress relief, works as anti-depressant too.

Rooh (Deep tissue)

Price Rs.2800

Soul stirring experience which can revitalize nervous system and rejuvenate you completely. Get rid of chronic aches through the systematic deep tissue pressure and alleviate the muscle tension even from the deepest layers of the body.

Fiza (Aroma therapy)

Price Rs.2700

Breeze of aromatic herbal oil, to heal, renew and redefine your way of life. Pamper yourself with unique blend of aromatic and therapeutic oil. Improve the general well being with the soothing effect on the nerves and body. The origin can be traced back to ancient Egyptians; it’s a beautiful way to express love and care.

Sifar (Thai yoga)

Price Rs.3000

Nil cobwebs in the mind to unravel the deep mysteries within. A distinctive combination of massage and yoga postures. Oil is generally not used instead body is stretched and rocked for maximum results. Often known as Thai yoga massage. It’s an ancient healing system blending the basic doctrines of Ayurveda

Inayat (Retexturing)

Price Rs.2700

Soul Blessing of Ayurveda for clear skin and healthy way of life. A revolutionary technique that replenishes retexturing the weary skin in order to get back the radiant one. Integral part of Ayurveda, it’s an excel- lent cure for tan and hyper pigmentation. Your long cherished desire of supple, soft and clear skin culminates here..

Tat-shila (Hot Stone)

Price Rs.3000

Hot stone melts away stress, breaks downs the knots and promotes deeper muscle relaxation. Natur-atherapy in which the warmed stones maximize the therapeutic benefits. Historical accounts confirm the use of heated stones more than 2,000 years ago as a means of improving the function of internal organs

Champi (Indian Head)

Price Rs.1100

A rustic Indian head massage that calms the cluttered mind and a secret to Indians’ lush, glossy hair. A simple head massage with herbal oil has meditative effect on frayed nerves, uplifting mood and ensuring good night's sleep. Our signature blend of traditional ingredients bringraj, amla and indigo prevent hair loss, dandruff and premature graying

Charan-Sanvedan (Foot Reflexology)

Price Rs.1100

A healing touch to the perhaps most neglected part of your physique by activating its reflex points for the renewed vitality. The pressure points get activated by pampering the foot with herbal oil and moisturizers. An ancient healing practice that fights fatigue by releasing any blockage which is holding back energy.

Ruhaniyat (Head, Neck and Shoulder)

Price Rs.1800

An opportunity to introspect and go deep challenging your limits. A head, neck and shoulder massage is an ideal way to ease shoulder and neck tension while gaining a peaceful retreat from the outside world.

Thapki (Back)

Price Rs.1400

Rhythmic pat on the back controls the central nervous system for an intense relaxing experience. The soothing strokes that focuses on spine and gradually the pressure slides down to the waist area generating a flow of vital energy. Known as Pristhabhyanga in Ayurveda texts, warm herbal oil is applied all over the back, arms, shoulders and waist

Khatta-Meetha (Sugar and Salt)

Price Rs.3800

Slathering sugar seasoned with salt, flavoured with orange and cinamon. The exfoliating quotient of this potion is high leaving the body wickedly supple. The grains of sugar facilitates the exfoliation process and the salt relaxes the muscles. Tangy orange gives a kick and the tantalizing cinamon aid in weightloss too.

Dadi Maa ke Nuskhe (Sandalwood and Turmeric)

Price Rs.3500

A unique scrub that is antiseptic, anti-aging and yet gentle on the skin too. Fight skin infection with turmeric and pamper it with sandalwood at the same time. Scrub off dead layer of the skin and moisturize the body for the absolute bliss.

Nisargi (Green tea and Lemon)

Price Rs.3000

A rich concoction blending the goodness of freshly brewed green tea with the rejuvenating properties of lemon. Green tea replenishes, evens out the skin tone and at the same time removes dirt and impurities. Lemon activates the skin with its high exfoliating and detan properties.

Ubtan (Herbs, Cereals and Nuts)

Price Rs.3000

A dynamic mixture of herbs, cereals and nuts, finely grounded and powdered, for softening and soothing the tired skin. This powder is often stimulated with warm milk for dry skin or water for the oily one. Feel pampered and refreshed with the noticeably glowing skin.

Kuch Khaas (Scrub of the day)

Price Rs.3000

Experience the specially crafted scrub of the day. Be surprised to discover array of the most exotic compositions to make you feel replenished. Don’t hesitate to consult our Spa Manger for further information

Abha (Clean up glow)

Price Rs.1500

In awe of splendor and elegance! A host of skin repairing ingredients that nourishes and nurture while lifting away pollutants and impurities for a perfect clean up glow. This unique potion of Vetiver & lotus that cools, cleanses and further clears blemishes.

Aafreen (Detan)

Price Rs.3300

Beautiful beyond words! Heal the delicate skin; detan and repair the damage due to excessive sun exposure. The soothing herbal products will heal and nourish the worn out skin and the regular treat- ment will shield it from any further damage.

Noor (Radiance glow)

Price Rs.3300

Emanate light and positivity! A perfect blend of herbs with a tinge of finest saffron from Kashmir for perfect natural radiance and glistening glow. A luxuriant treatment to lighten your skin and foster new cell growth.

Nikhar (Pigmentation)

Price Rs.3500

Bloom and blossom like a flower in spring! A purifying and retexturing treatment that fights pigmentation and evens out skin tone with its gentle therapeutic action. The pH balance of the skin is maintained by with the splash of pure rose water, vetiver and lavender.

Pakeezah (Acne and Pimples)

Price Rs.4000

Pristine Beauty. An effective solution for the dreaded acne and pimples. It also helps to lighten the post acne scarring too. The natural blend of Vetiver and Ashwagandha fights inflammation, swelling and prevents further discomfort.

Maya (Anti ageing)

Price Rs.4000

Eternal beauty and Mirror of illusion! A combination of rare anti ageing herbs that aids in reducing fine lines and other visible signs of ageing. Pure essential oils of Rose and Jasmine purify and nurture for younger looking skin

Amayra (Princess)

Price Rs.8500

Wallow in the ancient blend and indulge in the exquisite royal treatment. Get ready to experience the luxuries of holistic royal bath. After all you are a true princess, an epitome of beauty and grace.