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Mukammal (Balinese)

Mukammal (Balinese)

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A Balinese massage is a holistic treatment that enhances the oxygen flow in your body. It is ideal when one wants to experience a sense of calm within themselves. A relaxing massage with attitude, this treatment will help you feel serene in addition to boosting your circulation while targeting knotted tissues to address physical issues as well.


Step 1 - The guest starts with a 2 min foot ritual.

Step 2 - 15 mins of dry massage (without oil) for thigh, back and shoulder 

Step 3 - Apply oil on body and start massaging using hand techniques like kneading, palm slide, thumb slide, Effleurage and using the knuckles.

Step 4 - Focus on the thighs and massage using various techniques.

Step 5 - Skin rolling.

Step 6 - Focus on back area using palm slide & knuckle slide.

Step 7 - focus on the Shoulders knots and neck kneading.

Step 8 - 2 to 3 mins of head massage focusing on pressure points.

Step 9 - end of massage and guest heads for a steam for 10 to 15 mins